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Quotes from Companies’ Evaluations following HERDI, Fall 2015, in San Diego

November 2015

Read these quotes from companies’ evaluations following HERDI, Fall 2015, in San Diego and see why companies keep coming back for more!

  • Great discussion and great feedback.” “Went very well and gave us so much to think about.”
  • “Very interactive and helpful in framing our services.” “The Presidents were engaged and gave great input.”
  • “We got very thoughtful feedback and special attention.” ”Incredibly productive..The panelists were incredibly engaged and offered constructive/helpful feedback.”
  • “Very productive and engaging group panel, enjoyed the conversation and advice.” “Real interest from presidents to sincerely offer creative suggestions for our services.” “Very productive candid, free-ranging recommendations and critiques.”
  • The art of pairing cufflinks with the patterns or colors of the dress shirt speaks a lot about the individual's eye for color coordination and taste!
  • "Very productive…great insights and validation of our assumptions…Three very valuable hours.”
  • “Fantastic conversation…everyone was involved and engaged. The discussion validated some assumptions and reinforced what we have heard in other forums.”

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