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Quotes from New Orleans

November 2016

Quotes from HERDI Fall, 2016 Corporate Evaluations

In answer to the question: “Was your session productive?”

  • AcademixDirect - Very happy with our session and very productive. The panel was very engaging, interactive with very good feedback and discussion. We will improve our company based on feedback and enthusiasm! Qualitative input was outstanding! We loved our panel, great discussion, every educational company should be involved.

  • Knewton - The group was very engaged in our presentation and seemed to provide insightful & thoughtful feedback!

  • GetSet - Panelists were constructive and specific. They were generous with ideas and feedback.

  • Student Suites - Panelists were constructive and specific. They were generous with ideas! The panel was very informative lots of thoughts and feedback.

  • Emsi - Panel members were great. We were, however, down one member and missed having a smaller college represented.

  • Dynamic Campus - Always productive to get honest and open feedback. Very, even and balanced feedback from all panel members, this was a productive session full of dialogue!

  • Pearson -Strong Specific honest feedback was very useful! Very engaged and frank dialogue to inform development of Nassent offerings. Thank you!

  • McGraw-Hill -It was great to hear candid detailed feedback on our presentation, in addition to learning more about our panel’s colleges!

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