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Dawn D. Eidelman

holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature, French & Russian from Emory University. A scholar in the humanities and social sciences, Dawn is also a seasoned teacher trainer and transformational leader in education reform. Leaving her professorship at University of Texas - Arlington in 1997 to co-found Mosaica Education with her husband Gene, Dr. Eidelman wanted to make a deep and meaningful impact on closing the poverty and achievement gaps through cultural literacy. As Chief Education Officer at Mosaica, Dr. Eidelman led the design and development of an integrated college preparatory curriculum featuring the great ideas and luminaries of world culture. Drawn largely from Dr. Eidelman's teaching at the university level, Paragon garnered numerous award and propelled student attainment around the globe.

Dawn and Gene Eidelman collaborated on the design and served as the lead trainers for Mosaica Leadership Institute, developing school principals, curriculum leaders and regional executives. At Mosaica, the Eidelmans excelled at hiring recent college graduates and developing them for leadership. Many of their 1,800 employees had been with the company for over a decade, serving in a number of roles and in a variety of geographies, including the US, UK, Middle East and India.

The Eidelmans were honored as Education Entrepreneurs of 2009 by all of their colleagues in the industry. Dawn Eidelman, who led the conversion of all of Mosaica's proprietary training and program materials to interactive online delivery, was named Outstanding Leader in 2013 by the US Distance Learning Association. Both Eidelmans are committed to ensuring that today's college graduates are groomed for placement with employers who will develop their talents and invest in their shared success. They are delighted to work with the further education colleges and with companies developing innovative products and services for this market in the UK through FERDI.

Gene Eidelman

Known for his entrepreneurial spirit, business development acumen, and commitment to excellence, Mr. Eidelman has an esteemed 30-year track record as a visionary education reform leader in the US and around the globe. He emigrated to the US from the former Soviet Union as a high school graduate, and then went on to become Junior Chamber International's One of the Ten Outstanding Young People of the World for his success in business and his dedicated service to resettling 6,000 refugees to Atlanta. Eidelman founded Prodigy Child Development Centers in 1988 when his first son was born, a company that garnered NAEYC accreditation at each of its locations- a feat unparalleled at that time in the industry.

Eidelman sold Prodigy successfully to publicly-traded Children's Discovery Centers, Then in 1997, following his shared interest with his wife in their own family's education, he co-founded Mosaica Education, a charter school management company with a unique value proposition. Mosaica offered a private school type of education, free of tuition costs, and served the most disenfranchised of students in the US. The Eidelmans scaled Mosaica over 18 years to 1,800 employees on 3 continents, including five schools with Aurora Academies Trust in the UK. Gene Eidelman is excited to bring to FERDI his passion for helping college graduates get their first jobs, based on aptitude, skill, personality preferences and long-term goals. An ardent innovator in ed tech, Eidelman helps employers identify and develop young talent. In his entrepreneurial education career, he has followed today's graduates from the infant and toddler years through their formal education years, and now into the workforce.

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