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Our Mission is to provide better products and services for students, faculty and staff of America’s Community Colleges by facilitating frank and critical dialogue between Community College leaders (presidents and chancellors) and the business community that seeks to serve them.


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A New Idea for Understanding a Unique Market

HERDI provides up close and personal interchange with the people who make the decisions in the Community College market. Unlike the University setting, where presidents are largely fundraisers, the Community College President is a hands-on manager of the school. She or he knows who makes the decisions, knows where the needs or problems are, and has a firm handle on the budgeting process.

In short, when you present your marketing plans or ideas to a group of community college presidents from across the nation, you get a straightforward response from leaders who are involved in decisions on where budgets are spent.

Compare that opportunity and its cost, to the money spent on commercial exhibits at major meetings, advertisements in journals, cold calls to second or third level personnel at the college, surveys of potential buyers, or regional test markets and you will see the unique benefits of attending one of our conferences.

HERDI insight

HERDI puts YOU and YOUR marketing plan in front of the decision makers

n three hours of face-to-face interchange with the decision makers in your target market, you can learn the strong points as well as the flaws in your marketing plan. As an extra bonus when attending a conference, you will have the opportunity to meet and socialize with all 30 presidents and chancellors during the reception and dinner on the first evening, including the five in your panel. Is the whole idea becoming clearer? Are you ready to reap the benefits HERDI can provide right now? Or, would you like to observe a panel in action at our next conference so you can see its marketing power firsthand? Contact Us today by CLICKING HERE or email

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